Prague, Czech Republic, 5th February 2021 – The second batch of EIT Urban Mobility´s Accelerator programme for mobility start-ups coming from all over Europe started with a virtual kick-off organized by Czech PowerHUB. Core partners of EIT Urban Mobility Innovation Hub East  - PowerHUB, SPINLAB, and ZONE cluster will support five selected start-ups and will take care of their future business development in the upcoming six months.

  • BringAuto from the Czech Republic is a last-mile delivery robotic platform that allows for cargo transportation, eventually can be equipped with various forms of a superstructure.
  • MET3R (Zencharge) from Hungary aggregates and dispatches flexible EV storage for the fleet-operators and energy companies.
  • Dashfactory from Germany develops and markets safety products for individual mobility, starting with the bicycle market – Dashbike is the first dashcam for cyclists.
  • FSE from Poland is the innovative provider of electric light commercial vehicle solutions.
  • QLX (Smarttrass) from Germany is developing a new type of infrastructure design software with nD parametric structure modeling, real-time visualization, and evaluation for earlier and better decisions, and a whole new experience of involving people.

Vít Šoupal (PowerHUB, Governing Board) comments on PowerHUB engagement in the programme: “We enjoy working with young people, experts, and start-ups. Helping them and seeing them grow and succeed. Our cooperation with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT is so-called European Silicon Valley) gives us also great cultural and professional experience and touch with similar organizations like ours across the whole Europe.”

In this second round of the Accelerator programme, each start-up has different goals and expectations and therefore their Key Performance Indicators are specifically identified based on their solution, needs, and plans at the beginning of the program. All teams will be guided by an experienced lead mentor who will be helping them with a variety of technical and business questions. Additionally, a series of Expert Sessions will provide the teams with specific know-how, such as Customer-Centric Approach, Sales, and Marketing. One of the strong motivation factors is also the € 15.000 in equity-free financing, that will be granted to successful Accelerator teams.

Veronika Krasnohorska (PowerHUB, Mentor and Project Manager): “Knowing customer's needs and expectations is crucial in developing successful solutions. Verifying if we understand our customer and testing our prototypes with him is the easiest and cheapest way towards a great product. That is why we incorporated Design Thinking methodology into our curriculum for start-ups so that they can obtain empathetic, creative, and testing skills at the beginning of their business path.”

The first batch of the Accelerator programme in Innovation Hub East in 2020 noticed great success amongst the supported start-ups, for example, Czech start-up TrackingForm08  - technology to monitor the status of transport infrastructure (roads & rails) using vehicle movement - managed to launch a pilot in Kladno and Prague.

Martin Edlman (TrackingForm08): “Thanks to EIT Urban Mobility we gained access to valuable mentors who opened a new view into the business potential of our product and service and also helped to improve our communication towards potential customers. The received grant was of great benefit as it allowed us to invest in technologies to increase the detection rate of our telematics unit as well as its design, but moreover, we could improve and develop the main part of our system - the Data Analytic / Visualization Platform.”

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