Prague, Czech Republic, April 6, 2021 - EIT Urban Mobility supported the implementation of the WalCycData research project funded by EU funds. In the period from April to the end of 2021, PowerHUB will implement this research project with other members of the consortium, aiming at increasing the safety of vulnerable road users - cyclists and pedestrians.

The project partners are major research institutions and universities from five countries, namely University College London (UK), Pompeu Fabra University (E), Technical University of Catalonia (E), Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (IL), and Fraunhofer Society for the Advancement of Applied Research (D) and Škoda Auto (CZ) is also actively involved in the project.

The goal of this international consortium is to develop and test in pilot cities the URBAN-i Box - a special bicycle sensor that monitors the interaction of cyclists, pedestrians, and cars in a dynamic urban environment through video, GPS, and other sensors. An important part of the project is the creation of a platform, based on UPC's CIGO! system, for data evaluation and analysis of crisis situations or accidents. Škoda Auto then focuses its efforts on creating a communication platform between the car, pedestrian, cyclist, and other infrastructure.

The output of the project will be tested directly in the urban traffic in Munich (D) and Ostrava (CZ).

Pavel Chroust, Senior Project Manager at PowerHUB, said: “The main goal of the project is to increase the protection of vulnerable road users and improve the absorption of cycling in the city. By using smart measuring sensors, processing data using artificial intelligence, and creating predictive models of road user behavior,  helps cities to improve the safety of traffic at risky places (such as intersections, crossings, stops) and the city will be better able to respond to road users' needs.“

Do you want to find out more about the project? Are you a passionate cyclist and want to get involved in testing in Ostrava?

Send us an email to contacme@powerhub.cz and we will get back to you.

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