PowerHUB at Tomorrow mobility World Congress 2022

Three days of congress packed with meetings, amazing round tables, panels with top-notch experts, pitches, networking and discussions with our partners and prospects on future opportunities.
Our startups in the EIT Urban Mobility accelerators and scaleup programmes 2022 attracted the attention of the participants especially on how to get your mobility solutions funded.
Some takeaways:
- There are multiple funding opportunities in the private and public sphere to boost sustainable innovation and driven teams. All founders have to prove is willingness to continuously learn and pivot, answering to the needs of a dynamic market.
- Investors fund ideas, but more precisely, teams behind ideas. Therefore understandingthe importance of the the human factor is crucial, starting from responsibilities within the team to the trust-based relationships with customers, clients and investors.
- Entrepreneurs are dependent on investors to the same extent as investors are dependent on entrepreneurs. Only together they can succeed to face the challenges and drive towards a more sustainable mobility.