Join us at the Future City Tech Bootcamp

October 4, 2021, Prague 

Meet and network with Czech and European startups innovating in modern sustainable mobility, representatives from various cities and the ministry of transportation.


The winner is agritech startup EDIRIS from Slovakia!

Competition for innovative ideas and projects has its winner! EDIRIS develops technology based on AI that optimizes the nutrition of farm animals. Technology increases animal productivity, improves animal health, reduces farmer costs, and also reduces animal emissions.


Transfer Technology HUB

PowerHUB stands for passion for Innovation. We are a team of fully dedicated, self-motivated, success-driven, and loyal people with a mission to change the world around us to a better place. 

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Crisis Distribution Management Platform 

The crisis distribution management platform was successfully deployed in Prague City during the state of emergency in the spring of 2020. Click and explore on, where the system is operated. 

PowerHUB a member of

Transfer Community in Czech Republic is a unified functional platform defending the interests of the transfer community in the Czech Republic with the aim of working at a higher level of activity in the field of technology transfer and their development.

Danube Energy+

Creation of Innovation Hub in Pardubice Region

The Danube Energy + transnational program has been designed to create a favorable environment conducive to young innovation for further changes in energy sustainability through the establishment of innovative startups.  


Launching Soon!

PowerHUB in cooperation with the Czech University of Life Science Prague will be launching the application citySAFETY by the end of 2021. Amongst the first customers will be the 5th Prague District (Praha 5).

Living Lab Central Bohemia

Memorandum founding the Living Lab Central Bohemia

has been signed with Pražská energetika and Město Říčany! Other partners are welcome to join in, ping us in case of interest! The first projects to test new technologies will take place in September 2021.


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Dynamic startup environment, European network, High-level events, Project Creation, Business Development! Does it sound great to you? Join our PowerHUB team and get the chance to not be only the witness but also the creator of the latest innovation in the European Union. 

EIT UM Accelerator Pitch Awards

TOP 10 European mobility startups to be introduced during the EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator Pitch Awards.

Date of beggining: 22.06.2021
Starting time: 17:00
Date of closing: 22.06.2021
End time: 20:00
Venue: online Streavent platform
Place URL:

EIT Urban Mobility will select TOP 10 mobility startups from the Business Creation Accelerator programme batch#2 to be introduced during the official closure of the programme EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator Pitch Awards on 22 June at 17:00 h CEST to the general audience and jury members.

Accelerator programme is an EU-funded programme in five European regional hubs implemented through partners to take early-stage mobility startups to the next level. Startups have different business targets such as reducing congestion or increasing efficiency in the transport system which they try to achieve with innovative approaches to make commuting faster or more enjoyable, to accelerate the transition to low- or zero-emission forms of transport – and with all other possible ideas that help to solve mobility-related problems.

Hubs all over Europe supported 25 startups. Each startup was granted with mentoring and consultancy services, workshops, networking events, and access to the largest mobility innovation community. All of them receive equity-free funding of €15,000.

Let’s meet them quickly:

• ASIMOB – With Artificial Intelligence and IoT, ASIMOB helps to keep roads in safe conditions, both for human drivers and future AVs.

• AWAKE Mobility - AWAKE Mobility helps city bus operators to prevent breakdowns and to optimize maintenance processes.

• BIA Power Inc. - We optimize and simplify electric vehicle charging for the cheapest and greenest charge, smoothest loads, and lowest battery degradation.

• Blink Last Mile - Sustainable same-day delivery and fulfillment service for direct to consumer brands.

• Bluedot - We provide charging station owners with state of the art tools to manage. Engage EV drivers, reduce downtime and earn revenue from your charging.

• BringAuto - We are working on the interconnection of HW and SW in transport solutions for the development of a remotely controlled, later autonomous robot.

• Dashfactory GmbH - Dashbike is a B2C product that collects infrastructure urban data for B2B & B2G data platform Dashtrack to digitize (cycling) infrastructure planning.

• FSE - FSE creates innovative solutions for light electric delivery vehicles.

• Gordian Logistics Optimization Systems AB - Easy-to-use, effective, and interactive tools to plan and optimize for sustainable mobility.

• InnoBrain - Human Monitoring System for safe implementation of teleoperated vehicles in society.

• MET3R – MeterSolutions - We develop ZenGrid for grid managers and utilities, a robust, standards-compliant transactive energy layer that unites residential Demand-Response pro-grams with advanced smart charging.

• Moovster - A new mobility platform & multisided marketplace for city dwellers, cities & companies to solve urban mobility together.

• MUV B Corp - MUV turns safe and sustainable mobility into a sports game.

• OTIV - Teaching railway vehicles in complex environments to drive autonomously.

• Pavnext – promoting safer, smarter, and more sustainable cities.

• Peregrine Technologies - We empower commercial fleets and mobility services to operate safely and efficiently.

• Qarin - Qarin is the leading Dutch mobili-ty service provider for people with a limitation to travel. Powered by Qarin’s IT platform, Qarin enables passengers to travel carefree from A to B by public transport, taking into account their personal mobility restrictions.

• QLX – Real-time planning, validation, and involvement.

• Securaxis - Securaxis turns sounds into actionable insights for monitoring and exploitation of traffic noise.

• Skialabs - We build the most flexible software for waste management. Optimize routes, maximize recycling, and streamline customer services.

• Skipit - We allow everyone to travel like a local in a new city.

• SOLUM - Smart energy for smart mobility.

• Swugo - A service that turns any regular bicycle into an e-bike for less than your monthly TV subscription.

• Teleport Mobility - Open standard swappable batteries for micro-mobility.

• XYZ Dynamics - XYZ Dynamics is leading sustainable mobility with the development of the AxLectric. The AxLectric is a retrofit add-on electric powertrain for LCVs.

EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator Pitch Award is an official closure of their programme and 10 of them will get the opportunity to impress the jury and the audience with their product pitches. 

Startups will compete for the prizes in form of tickets to the international startup events, software packages, and investor packages provided by partners such as Startup World Cup & Summit or AVAST.

The Urban Mobility Accelerator Pitch Award will take place on 22nd June, starting at 5 pm CET. Do not miss the opportunity to be part of it.

It will be streamed on Streavent platform.