ESG Certification

PowerHUB has extensive experience in sustainable projects across various industries and a team of senior ESG experts. Our team will not only help you measure your ESG performance, identify gaps in your current policies and practices but also provide a roadmap for improvement and alignment with international standards 


A modern platform that contributes to the security of public space.

  • real-time data collection and their anonymized interpretation
  • notification of the current risk and safety situation
  • evaluation of risk areas and their security level


City development at your fingertips

An interactive platform for effective public participation in urban and municipal planning.


Portable Wide Area Lighting

Designed by professionals for professionals. Lighting in an unmatched portable format for maximum logistics benefits.


Children and youth empowerment through Decidim digital platform.


Infrastructure data for vulnerable road users


Training and use case definition to leverage Blockchain technologies in urban mobility initiatives.

Evaluation System UM7

UM7 is an effective evaluation management platform.

  • a modern and versatile tool for projects selection 
  • variability of criteria and evaluation processes
  • fast evaluation and delivery of results

CMD - Distribution system for crisis management

A distribution platform that enables effective, fast, and reliable decision-making in crisis situations.

  • saves records on the current status of available aids
  • choice of distribution priorities, filtering by many criteria 
  • data sharing with the dispensing points 


Boost the potential of Young Innovators to pioneer change in energy efficiency inside the Danube Macro-region


CES4Kids - Children and youth empowerment through Decidim digital platform

  • CES4Kids creates educational content about sustainable mobility to be used in class as well as hands-on learning activities and organises awareness-raising events. It also enables the elaboration, debate and prioritisation of proposals for improving public space and mobility services through the citizen engagement digital platform DECIDIUM.


Country of Origin: Spain
Industry field: Mobility


Often forgotten in the planning and decision-making process, CES4Kids aims to listen and understand the habits, needs, and preferences of children and youth in the field of mobility, as well as empower new generations to be participants in the co-creation of mobility planning. Thus, CES4Kids includes the creation of educational material on the sustainable mobility principles for use in the school context, the celebration of events to disseminate and raise awareness, and the organization of dynamic learning activities was to put into practice the knowledge acquired. In them, the students will identify and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their school environment in terms of mobility.

Likewise, CES4Kids foresees the participation of children and youth in a co-creation initiative that will include the elaboration, debate, and prioritization of proposals, through digital tools, for improving public space and mobility services. In parallel, this project allows collaborating organizations to obtain highly valuable data and information on the mobility habits of participating school pupils’ in order to design mobility solutions that better adapt to their needs and preferences.



  • Barcelona City Council
  • PowerHUB,
  • CARNET - UPC Technology Center,
  • Edenway
  • University of Lisbon,
  • European Passengers' Federation,  
  • Municipality Of Porto,  
  • Institute For Advanced Studies And Awareness,
  • Municipality Of Funchal